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Start-ups in Algeria: an Engine for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises

Tuesday, November 7, 2023—The minister of higher education and scientific research Mr. Kamel Baddari and the minister of knowledge economy, start-ups and micro enterprises Mr. Yacine El Mahdi Oualid, visited the school of higher commercial studies (EHEC) in Kolea, Tipaza. Both ministers supervised the inauguration of an economic forum, organized by the school, in collaboration with a number of entrepreneurs, industrialists, students with innovative projects and start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises, several technical national schools, and different schools of business, commerce and management.

In an address, Mr.Baddari stated that the forum ‘contributes to the setting of a national strategy for research, exploration, innovation exploitation and open innovation’. As he confirmed that, the sector of higher education and scientific research is working on promoting scientific research, and all the matters related
to development and innovation. Calling the university instructors -as elite of the society- to contribute to the supervision of students who are willing to establish micro enterprises and implement achievable graduation projectsthat can be developed subsequently-on the ground-with funding resources provided by the State. Mr. Baddari also added that his ministry vision ‘which emerges from the government and the higher authorities vision, aims at reaching coherence between the students and university instructors, and the world of research, development, entrepreneurship and business, for the objective of achieving economic development’.
For his part, the minister of knowledge economy, start-ups and micro enterprises, he explained that 2000 institutions have obtained a Label for the best successful institution. Noting that his ministry ‘is weekly receiving hundreds of projects’. Adding that the public authorities have set a system that encourages and fosters university students to get into the world of entrepreneurship with an open mind to innovation and creativity’.
Mr. Oualid,furthermore, stated that Algeria has made headway in the establishment of start-ups according to a recent world ranking.