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Third call for proposals for National Research Programs

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. KAMEL BADDARI, with the Minister of Energy and Mines Mr. MOHAMED ARKAB, the Minister of Agriculture and rural development  Mr. ABDELHAFID HENNI, the Minister of Hydraulics Mr. TAHA DERBAL, the Minister of Environment and renewable Energies Mrs. FAZIA DAHLEB, the Minister of Fisheries and fishery products Mr. AHMED BADAN, the Minister of Knowledge Economy, Startups and Micro-enterprises Mr. YACINE EL MAHDI OUALID, Mr. president of National Economic, social and environmental council Mr. BOUCHENAK KHELLADI, and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and the representative of the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, oversaw today November 25th, 2023, the third call for proposals of National Research Programs addressed to the various Algerian researchers in Algeria and abroad and to the national competences of different sectors of activity, to contribute to the creation of research teams for the execution of the development projects designed by the economic and social partners and formulated by the intersectoral committees of scientific research and technological development.

This call is part of the continuous efforts of development and scientific research to find practical solutions to the needs of certain economic and social institutions that have contributed to the proposition of these projects, also to permit the inquiry of creative means of conception and design of prototypes and products that can be exploited for economic profit or that intended for the creation of Startups / small businesses and crowning some inventions with international patents.

This call also aims, through the planning and execution of targeted development projects, to deliver products produced by the participating research teams, identical and coherent to the propositions made by the institutions initiating the projects. It is to be noted that the project selection process id carried out accordingly to a scientific evaluation by experts taking into consideration appropriate criteria, in addition to criteria of practicality and innovative and economic efficiency.