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Working Visit to Oran: Inauguration of Promising Projects at the University City of Oran

On Monday, March 9, 2023, the minister of higher education and scientific research, Mr. Kamel Baddari was accompanied by the minister of knowledge economy, startups and micro-enterprises, Mr. Yacine El-Mahdi Oualid, and the minister of post and telecommunication Mr. Karim Bibi Triki for a working and inspection visit to the University City of Oran.
The ministerial delegation visited the exhibition of startups which presented samples of startups that have been developed at the universities and higher schools of Oran. During this exhibition which took place in the Library of the University of Oran 2, Mr. Baddari announced that about 560 university projects are adequate to build startups, and this will contribute to create a national social and economic dynamism.
The minister also affirmed that the creation of university startups will be supported by all possible means, in order to turn the students’ ideas into marketable products, and to contribute in the development of national economy, in addition to creating wealth and providing job opportunities.
In the same context, the minister of higher education and scientific research noted that the ministry of knowledge economy, startups and micro-enterprises with all its structures, will accompany university students in order to turn their innovations into marketable product, and this will be implemented within the framework of coordination between the sector of higher education and scientific research.
The minister of knowledge economy, startups and micro-enterprises, for his part, stressed the importance of encouraging young people to get into the spirit of entrepreneurship and embody their innovative projects.
Furthermore, the minister said that there is a close cooperation between his ministry and the ministry of higher education and scientific research, in the aim of encouraging and accompanying university graduates in the creation of their own startups, and enable them to contribute in the provision of wealth and job opportunities.
Mr. Yacine El-Mahdi added that, the universities of Oran are regarded as a think tank for innovative ideas, and startups, owing to the important contributions of the students in this regard. As he noted that his visit to the university comes as response to the demands of the University innovative students.
The minister of post and telecommunication, for his part, stressed the importance of startups in the development of economic sectors, especially satellite communications.
During The first conference of strartups in the field of space, which was concluded on Thursday, at the satellite development research centre, which is affiliated to the Algerian space agency, the delegation looked at the university students’ innovations, especially startups holders, who are willing to share their startup projects in the upcoming planned programme of the space agency.
The ministerial delegation inaugurated the new department of the regional laboratory for manufacturing at the university of Oran 2 Mohamed ben Ahmed, in addition to the inauguration of the technological platform, for mechanic system, intervention and robotic services, which is affiliated to industrial technology research centre Mohamed Boudiaf in Oran, in addition to the inauguration of a scientific radio channel called (Radio Web)