Ministerial activities

The launch of a new digital platform to assist new baccalaureate holders

On this day, April 29, 2024, the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Kamel Baddari, oversaw the launch of a new digital platform that uses artificial intelligence and data mining to assist new baccalaureate holders of the 2024 sessions in choosing their study major.  

This platform, intended for the new baccalaureate holders, uses artificial intelligence as a simulation to assist students during the process of orientation, choosing the fields and branches of study in which they wish to register with higher education institutions, and giving estimated efficiency rates for these choices. The platform was based on the orientation processes of the baccalaureate holders from previous years.

The simulation process is carried out by entering the student’s subject marks obtained at the baccalaureate exam, and the digital platform provides estimated expectations about the fields and branches that the student can choose, as well as sequential suggestions for specialties.