Ministerial activities

A working visit to the University of Bejaia

The minister declared on Thursday 25th April 2024, that the University of Bejaia, owing to its performance, especially in the field of creativity and the creation of institutions, is an “example of success.” As “an important space for creativity and production”, he also examined the structures of research, settings, and technical equipments joined to the university in this wilaya, which contributes to a dynamic that associates research to institutions establishment whether micro or small, according to explanations provided on site.
The minister further highlighted that the University of Bejaia has contributed to the creation of 200 economic projects and obtained 20 patents, which clearly reflects the reasoning of the new Algeria who aspire to double the creation of companies on the bases of knowledge economy and diversify the creation of wealth and work opportunities.
In this context, the minister expressed his satisfaction to the University’s position in order to integrate with its industrial environment, which made it an important “partner” in the equation of local and even national economic development.
During this visit, the minister has visited some university residences, especially in the city of El Kseur, located 25 kilometers west of Bejaia, this city turned into a true university pole.
The city of El Kseur includes a new Faculty of Economic Sciences with a capacity of 6000 pedagogical seats, three student’s residences, noting that ongoing work to build a conference hall with a capacity of 500 pedagogical seats with an estimated investment of more than 4 billion DZD.