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Presentation of the Strategic Scheme for the development of Cereals Production in Algeria

Monday, September 11, 2023- The minister of higher education and scientific research, Mr.Kamel Baddari, was accompanied by the minister of agriculture and rural development, Mr. Mohamed Abdelhafid Henni, and the minister of industry and pharmaceutical production, Mr. Ali Aoun, in a visit to the national higher school of agronomy, in El-Harrach, Algiers. The visit was aimed at supervising the presentation ceremony of the strategic schemefor the development of cereals production in Algeria.

During his speech at the meeting, Mr. Kamel Baddari affirmed that the scheme mainly aims at improving the production and yieldof cereals,as well as seeds quality. Adding that the plan 2023-2028, targets the organization of cereals division and develop the agricultural techniques used in their production and promote scientific research. As he noted to the commission in charge of ensuring the implementation and monitoring the plan, which aims at achieving self-efficiency, in compliance, with the instructions of the President of the Republic Mr. AbdelmadjidTebboune, as well as the action plan of the government.
For his part, the minister of agriculture and rural development affirmed that the division of cereals is consideredone of the elements of the agricultural sector in Algeria, the sector in which, the economic development is completely based on, within the national plan of agricultural development 2030. Mr.Henni stressed the need for providing the optimal climate for achieving a modern, competitive and effective agriculture, which would contribute to economic diversification and reinforce the basis of sustainable food security in Algeria. The minister also stated that an objective of accomplishing 1 million Hectares of irrigated areas in the wide south of Algeria has been set within the framework of the investment by franchisees by 2025. As he noted to the acceleration in property distribution, due to which, a real estate portfolio of 460 thousands hectares has been granted to the investors.
As for the minister of industry and pharmaceutical production, Mr. Ali Aoun, he emphasized the importance of his sector in contributing to the reinforcement of mechanization, noting that a number of public institutions specialized in agricultural equipment, is working on the manufacturing of agricultural mechanisms adapted to the needs of agriculture in the Algerian desert areas.